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My Life’s Mission?

My Life’s Mission?

Posted By on Dec 25, 2010

My participation in ParticipACTION’s Television Campaign earlier this year resulted in life changing opportunities to connect with other Creative Arts and Health & Wellness professionals who are as passionate as I am about championing health, fitness, and wellness to Canadians.

With the final days of 2010 looming, this is the best time to reflect on all of our Life paths.

My own involve those flashes of childhood memories in Malaysia, the country that my parents left to find new opportunities for my sister and I; to growing up as a child of immigrant parents and brother-protector of my younger sister in Mississauga, Burlington, and Hamilton; to taking time off after undergraduate school and working at “Woolco”; then with steely determination, being admitted into the Schulich School of Business for their MBA program; to giving up the fast-tracking career that all MBAs aspire and choosing the road less travelled as an entrepreneur in the Creative Arts/Dance industry; to securing startup venture capital funding from two angel investors from Seattle, Washington; to testing myself on national television in front of Canada’s business elite on “Dragons’ Den” (and failing miserably! 😉 ); to finding my partner in love, life and dance and in particular the health challenges that we and our families have faced over the past few years.

And learning many Life lessons along the way.

So, as the New Year approaches, how shall I define my “Life’s Mission” for 2011 and beyond?

My personal Life philosophy has always been about taking risks and overcoming challenges.  And in particular that “Artists” — whether in Dance, Music, Drama or other Creative Arts — need not feel guilty about aspiring to make loads of money from their work or at least being able to generate the  income stream needed to one’s creative efforts for life, as with any other traditional profession.

There is a lingering romanticized stereotype of the “starving artist” which I understand is an echo from the mid-19th century writer Henri Murger’s Novel, “Scènes de la vie de bohème” that still pervades in the Performing Arts (especially Dance) communities.

My Life’s Mission re-defined for 2011 and beyond … is to inspire and empower other Arts Entrepreneurs and connect them with the business leaders of today who are blazing the trail for a new generation of business savvy Creative Artists.

This Holiday season & beyond, celebrate who you are & the life journey that has gotten you here! If you are an Arts Entrepreneur like me who has an interesting story to share, I would love to hear from you!  Contact me through danceScape at (905) 633-8808, E-mail [email protected], or through facebook at

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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